Continuing the Tradition of Bugling

J More, Bugler - by Lisa King/NOW

Photo by Lisa King / NOW Tri-Cities

The Old Guard

The British Columbia Regiment Band (brass & wind) is fortunate to have members who carry on the tradition of bugling for ceremonies. Alas, it is a skill that is being lost rapidly.

Bugle Major (Ret’d) John More is a founding member of the volunteer British Columbia Regiment Association Band. John More learned his trumpeting chops as a youngster with community bands in the U.K.; bugling was a part of his training. He has been instrumental in encouraging current brass members to continue the tradition of bugling for ceremonial occasions.

The New Guard

Members Chris Ahern (Trumpet) and Timur Kalyuzhnyy (Baritone) are carrying on the tradition of bugling for regimental occasions. Thank you, Chris and Timur, for taking up the baton passed on by John.

EDIT: Here is a good photo of Chris Ahern bugling for the Canadian National Youth Track and Field Championships opening ceremony on August 15th, 2014, in the Langley McLeod Stadium.

Chris Ahern bugles at Canadian Youth Championships August 15, 2014

Photo by Erin

The British Tradition

Here is for your enjoyment a link to an interview with a British Army bugler that delves into the tradition of bugling.

Vancouver Christmas Market Performance on Monday, Nov. 25th, 2013

The Band members are looking forward to playing again this year at the Vancouver Christmas Market located on the Queen Elizabeth Plaza at Hamilton and Georgia Streets.

We will playing in the central gazebo from 7pm till 9pm to entertain the visitors who will be enjoying the unique German approach to a Christmas fair. Come join us and have some mulled wine or spiced cider. There is also a Christmas Caroussel for the kids.