Executive Committee

At our 2021 Annual General Meeting (they are short and sweet), the following members were elected or acclaimed to be part of the Executive Committee:

  • Chris Munroe – President
  • Peter Davidson – Vice President, Treasurer
  • Moira McKinley – Personnel, Recruiting
  • Frederica Panon –  Business Affairs
  • Yukari Smith – Librarian
  • Max Bogard – Secretary

The election is just to be a part of the Executive Committee. The functions or roles delineated were decided upon at the first Executive Meeting with the incoming and outgoing Executive Committee members.

As Band Director, Bombardier Brian Smith generally sits as a Guest in our Executive meetings to provide valued feedback. The voting on actions, if any is required, rests with the elected members of the Executive. A 3/4 quorum is required for any motions to be passed.

Very occasionally, our regimental Band Governor will join us and is always welcome.

We also welcome any members of the Band who would like to sit in and observe a meeting to see what is involved in running the Band.  It is not onerous, consisting of one meeting per month, roughly an hour or an hour and a half long before the regular rehearsal.

Various duties to run the band such as sourcing uniforms pieces, kitting out a new member with a uniform, helping our Librarian to organize music, or maintaining instruments can also be performed by volunteers from our membership at large.

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